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I have total confidence in Steve's ability to motivate and direct students towards a higher degree of knowledge. I have recommended this fine institution to many of my friends and I'll continue to do so. I have every confidence to Steve's dedication to this fine institution and I believe the degree programs available are a great solid foundation upon which to build a career.

 Col DAG, USMCR, DOD - Space Command

I have noticed a very evident professional growth in your student after he had completed his degree programme with CSTM. He now shows to have an excellent grasp on issues related to international security and his related analytical, advocacy and practical skills seems to have improved considerably. I would like, therefore, to commend your programs and your efforts, and rest assured that it will be my pleasure to inform any interested parties about your college.

RL, Technological Information Promotion System / United Nations Development Programme

After reviewing your documents, school academic catalog, licenses and various letters of reference from satisfied students, I will not hesitate to recommend your fine institution. Your programs appear to be of better value and offer a higher degree of training than that found in a more traditional institution. In fact, I may be interested in enrolling in the "on the job training program" we discussed.

JCV, Deputy Chief, Lotawana Fire Protection District

On several occasions I have met with and discussed my curriculum with my graduate advisor, Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart. Dr. Barnhart, a former law enforcement officer has greatly impressed me with his knowledge, both academic as well as economic. He instills a strong sense of pride in scholarly achievements and how they relate to real world experience and gainful employment.

Lt. WJG, Dallas Fire Marshall's Office

Mr. Barnhart always appears to be up to date on current issues regarding technology and training. I would highly recommend him for services and training in his respective fields of expertise.

LS, Director of Buildings and Grounds, KCK Community College

Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart: I wanted to take this time to thank you for the efforts put forward by you and your staff at The International University and will recommend all of my security staff to attend and further their education should the opportunity arise. Thank you again for the program and your efforts in education to international relations and security issues.

SBFA-S, Her Royal Highness, The Royal Family of Saudi ArabiaBrother to the King

I am seriously taking into consideration a co-op program with Dr. Barnhart and The College of Security, Technology and Management.

MC, IL Presidente - Mondialpol, Rome

Dr. Barnhart: I would like to thank you for agreeing to serve on the Advisory Board of the International association of Personal Protection Agents. IAPPA has over 500 members in 25 countries who are engaged in the protection of royalty, presidential, state and diplomatic officials, government, military and corporate executives, personalities from the entertainment world, and those involved in witness and prisoner protection.

Dr. JAK, Executive Director - IAPPA

Mr. Barnhart seems to always have current and precise knowledge of current trends and technology in his field. Mr. Barnhart and his associates have assisted our city with several special projects, and have always handled the situations in a highly professional manner.

JO, Det./Sgt - Bonner Springs Police Department

In my eight years in the security field, I have found Steve to be the most through and knowledgeable person in the area of security electronics. I have been active in security education since my sophomore year in college, and immediately recognized the quality of Steve's program. My certainty in his knowledge, skills and abilities allows me to recommend him unconditionally to anyone in need of his services.

DPZ, President - Safe & Sound Security Consultants

I take this opportunity to thank you Dr. Barnhart for all your assistance and advice, you have been of great help and I can without hesitation say that I probably would not have taken the course at your university had you not been such a nice person always there when I needed advice.

ABM., International Security Trainer / Consultant – Rome, Italy

I wish to commend you and your staff for the extra efforts The College of Security, Technology & Management has provided regarding my on the job training program. My wife, who works as a county prosecutor has also noticed an evident change in my academic abilities as well.

JDS, C-3 Security

I want to thank you for your extended efforts in installing our on-site / digital PC surveillance system. Considering that I am an out of state customer, you could of very easily performed inferior quality work and I would not have known until I visited the site. Your staff was likewise knowledgeable, courteous and diligent in completing their duties.

JAB, Vice President, Bemsco Defense Products

As a member of the SIFE Board of Directors, I want to thank you for the time that you have invested in judging at SIFE competitions.

President & CEO, RICH's R.E.R.

As a former professional football player, I know the meaning of teamwork and after working with Dr. Stephen Barnhart and his team of professional and knowledgeable students, I know he understands the definition of teamwork as well. Dr. Barnhart was referred to me by an ex-CIA mutual acquaintance who recommended his expertise for my business.

GC, President - House of Diamonds

Dr. Barnhart is very involved in the Security, Technology, Management, Administration, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Investigative and related fields. Dr. Barnhart is not only one of the most experienced pertinent to that of a technical nature, but also excels in the academic arena. On numerous occasions, Dr. Barnhart has introduced me to students involved in various programs with his University.

TBH, General Manager - Security Equipment Supply

During the past two years, James has successfully and without incident coordinated several protective service assignments involving members of the Royal Family. James' ability to manage a security detail utilizing his prior extensive experience combined with the academic knowledge he has acquired while pursuing his Bachelor of Science Degree from The International University, College of Security, Technology & Management makes him a valuable asset to any Protective Service Assignment.

RSW, Inspector in Charge - United States Department of Justice (Retired)

I wish him every success with his studies at The International College of Security, Technology & Management, it is clear that your student's professional ability is also merit of this qualified College and it's staff.

Honorary Chief - Nazionapol, S.p.A. - Rome

Mr. Barnhart, your background materials will be kept available for reference and review regarding any committee or board openings for which you might qualify.

JF, Governor - State of Kansas

If my understanding, Steve is correct: that you, perhaps your spouse, had been cleared to attend one of Bill Kennedy's five day, all expenses-paid U.S. Monetary War Colleges in sunny San Diego, then I have some very good news for you…Once again, only those investors who meet fairly high financial standards, and whose own life accomplishments speak for themselves, will be cleared by the Admissions Committee. To reestablish the excellent qualifications you previously presented, I recommend you phone USMWC's Chief Registrar.

DBF., Ambassador Of The United States Of America

Dr. Barnhart, We take great pride in welcoming you into the select group of Affiliate Members. As a member of the WSO, you are expected to maintain high professional standards through quality performance and continuing education.

JLB, World Safety Organization

Your student has gone through evident professional growth since his admission to the International College of Security, Technology & Management, a participating college of The International University, undoubtedly a very fine and qualified institute.

CR, General Manager - Sheraton Golf, Rome, Italy

We thank you and the members of your organization for joining with Christian Educators Association as a corporate member. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry, his church, and our effectiveness in serving the public school.

FLY, Executive Director - Christian Educators Association International

I have achieved many goals in life but, by far my biggest personal challenge was completing my degree. Without the opportunity that C.S.T.M. afforded me, I would still be wondering, why can't I do it? Dr. Barnhart took a very active roll in the development of a customized curriculum, which ultimately allowed me to earn my Bachelor of Science degree 1-1/2 years later in Loss Prevention Management.

PA, Director of Loss Prevention & Safety - Uptons

Your student has gone through evident professional growth since his admission to the International College of Security, Technology & Management, a participating college of The International University, undoubtedly a very fine and qualified institute.

CR, General Manager - Sheraton Golf, Italy

Thank you for taking tme to judge at the recent Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) National Competition in Kansas City.

DRURY University, Sam Walton Fellow, R.L.W.

TIU - Independence, I know from my own personal knowledge that The International University is an institution of higher learning: that has maintained total compliance with all City, County, State and United States laws and statutes that relate to the operation of such an institution.

WHR, Attorney at Law - Former United States Congressman

This is a brief note to thank you for the friendship and support you have given to me and my Administration through your membership in the Republican Presidential Task force. You have been with me in this important quest, and for that I will forever be grateful. Thank you. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

George Bush, President of the United States

Following our telephone conversation, I contacted Edmund Ciriello of the Global School of Investigation, who highly recommended your programme of instruction.


This is to attest that I have visited Barnhart Security & Alarm and viewed the College of Security areas. From all appearances the College is well prepared to assume the responsibilities of training.

BT, Executive Director - Grandview Chamber of Commerce

Dear Steve: Please accept our gratitude for your efforts in making the WW Grainger, RDC 2, 1996 Family Safety Day / Open House a success. Thanks again, your participation contributed greatly to our success.

DR, Safety & Security Manager - W.W. Grainger

I believe that a bachelors degree in criminal justice from the College of Security, Technology & Management is an invaluable asset in meeting the challenges of today's complex and competitive workplace environment. In conclusion, the professional and personal rewards of a CSTM degree more than justifies the investment of time, effort and expense.

PFS, Security Consultant

Stephen R. Barnhart: Congratulations, Your personal business cards are enclosed. I hope and trust that you will use them proudly, announcing your status as a Campaign Advisor to the Republican Presidential Task Force in the State of Kansas.

Senator Al D'Amato, Chairman

Dear Mr. Barnhart, We at Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation would like to congratulate you on being one of the fastest growing technology companies in this region. Small technology companies such as yours are the building blocks of continued economic growth for Kansas and Western Missouri. You should be proud of the success you have attained and the contributions you have made to your state's economy.

RB, President, Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation

The September 18, 1998 issue of the Kansas City Business Journal was just recently routed to my desk, and I noted that your company made the list of the Kansas/Western Missouri "Fast Fifty" companies. Congratulations on making the list.

TSH, Attorney At Law, Morrison & Heckler L.L.P.

Dr. Stephen Barnhart: We commend your institution for its contributions in educating the next generation of specialists in security and criminal justice. We offer our sincerest congratulations in recognition of your institution's advancements in security management and criminal justice education.

FGC, Sheriff, Essex County Correctional Facility & Sheriff's Headquarters

Dear Faculty Review Committee: My degree afforded me the opportunity and opened doors that would not have been available without it.

P.A., Manager, Loss Prevention, Uptons Department Stores

Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart: I highly recommend CSTM to anyone seeking a truly effective education that will enhance the career of current security professionals and prepare those just entering the field with the tools necessary to accomplish their goals.

B.A.S., District Manager, Burns International

Dear Mr. Barnhart: Congratulations on achieving the results that earned you honors as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Technology companies in your area. Your performance since 1993 has been outstanding, and the honor is well deserved.

JLM, Shughart, Thompson & Kilroy

Mr. Stephen R. Barnhart:: Congratulations on your company making the Kansas City Business Journal's list of Fast 50 Companies.

PJG, Account Executive, United States Construction

Dear Stephen: My goal in sending you this letter is to congratulate you on your recent success in appearing in "THINK FAST." I am pleased to see you featured in the issue of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Kansas and Western Missouri!

RE, Advanced Business Solutions

Dear Stephen, Congratulations on your latest achievement, being recognized as one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Kansas and Western Missouri. What a wonderful accomplishment. Of course it has taken a great deal of time and hard work in order for your business to be successful. Great job!

JLD, Investment Executive, Piper Jafray

Dear Stephen: I recently read the article "The 50 fastest growing technology companies in Kansas & Missouri," and first, let me say congratulations.

BAM, National Accounts Manager, Frontier Communications

Dear Mr. Barnhart: Congratulations on being named to the Kansas / Western Missouri Technology Fast 50!! The Wichita Clarion Hotel Airport recognizes the great effort your and your team contributed to be awarded this prestigious honor.

TB, Director of Sales, Clarion Hotel Airport, Wichita

Dear Mr. Barnhart: Congratulations on your company's growth and success, which were recently recognized in The Kansas City Business Journal supplement Kansas / Western Missouri Fast 50.

MEV, Vice President, Block and Company, Inc.

The College offers on a worldwide basis, the most complete and comprehensive security training programs in the United States.

Senator B.K. State of Missouri

As a Leader in the business and financial services arena, your management and investment decisions have a significant impact on your local and regional economies.

President, Federal Reserve Bank, T.M.H.

Let me be the first to congratulate you on you company's recognition as one of the Fast 50 Companies in the Kansas / Western Missouri Technology Program.

Friends University, E-Commerce Management Program Director, K.S.

Thank you for investing your valuable time in our students and the SIFE program as a judge earlier this month in Kansas City.

President and CEO, A.R.


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